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    Hello, welcome to Dalian Kaide Precision Machinery Co., Ltd!

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    With 23 years of production

    about us

    about us

    Dalian Kaide Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in Liaoning. It has won the partnership between customer supply and demand with high-quality products, fast and low price. Founded in October 2006, the company covers an area of 10000 ㎡, has a plant of 5000 ㎡, with a total investment of 20 million. It has advanced CNC machining center, gantry machining center, gantry milling, gantry grinding, CNC lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, precision surface grinder, wire cutting and other production supporting equipment. The company's main industries are mechanical braking design and manufacturing, Dalian precision machining, Dalian auto parts processing, Dalian automatic processing, machining and manufacturing of mechanical parts, abrasives, riveting and welding, and has established technology department, production department, quality inspection department and other institutions. Welcome people in the industry to negotiate and we will jointly seek new development.

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    Brand strength Ingenuity quality after-sale service

    Advanced equipment

    >The company has high-quality CNC machining center, gantry five face

    >machining center, gantry milling, milling machine, drilling machine,

    >precision surface grinder, wire cutting and other production supporting equipment.

    Ingenuity quality

    With years of comprehensive experience and ideas,

    Provide high-quality and high-tech products for the market.

    Have modern manufacturing methods.

    After-sale service

    > The company has established a strict pre-sales and after-sales service system to provide you with supporting solutions to fundamentally save costs. Strong after-sales team, truly worry free after-sales.



    Years of technical accumulation, more professional service

    Years of technical accumulation, more professional service

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    Add:Fuquan Construction Group Hospital, Zhanqian street, Jinzhou District, Dalian

    Dalian Kaide Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in precision machining in Dalian Record No:遼ICP備17015306號 technical support:聯企時代